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Jim Mathiesen is a local to the Stroudsburg area.  He was born and raised in the Pocono’s and has had the opportunity to experience that which Stroudsburg and the surrounding towns and villages have to offer.  “I love the area, there are a lot of great people to meet, places to see, and things to experience here,” says Jim.  He attended and graduated from Stroudsburg High School and went on the pursue construction management in college.  After college, Jim returned to Stroudsburg to focus on his landscape business. 

For Jim, “It’s more than just a business, it’s a lifestyle, I’m always out looking at properties, landscapes, plant materials and finding other interesting, creative ways to improve someone's home lifestyle.”  Mathiesen has an undying passion for the industry, he truly cares about the nature of the work his company provides.  “Day in, and day out, it’s about the people, and how we can positively affect their lives,” says Jim.  “I love the people we work with, I love the people we work for, and I love the smiles and expressions we see on their face when they admire their property.  I think it’s about character and integrity, and  I strive to provide worth and substance and I’m not going to put my name on something that I’m not proud of.  Through my days, I’ve met a lot of good contractors, but I’ve also met a lot of bad ones, and my goal is to set the standard for excellence, and give customers the hope that there really is a company they can rely on to handle their needs and desires; and I think this should be every business owners objective.  If you’re not in business to provide the best materials, workmanship, and customer experience, then what’s the point?”  Mathiesen has a strong love for the industry and proves it in his designs, installations, maintenance and the way the company is handled.


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