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Commercial landscaping is a dynamic part of commercial business or private communities.  The goal is to invite and lure in your customers, tenants, buyers, and associates.  Proper landscaping shows that the you care about your commercial property, and subconsciously tells your prospect that you care for them as well.  It gives your people a place they are happy to call their own.  Whether you're a building contractor, construction manager, or property manager, we can be of great value to your commercial landscape design phase.  Experience in the special aspects of commercial landscaping gives Mathiesen Landscapes the advantage because we understand how commercial landscaping is supposed to work.  Simple things like, choosing the right plant materials for the desired view of the facility, or keeping drivers views clear when entering or exiting the property; selecting low maintenance plantings to keep long term landscape maintenance costs down; use of plants or hardgoods to shield unattractive or noisy facility equipment from customer view; selecting trees to help keep the building cool in the summer and permit sun for heat in the winter, lowers energy costs; and choosing pavement types to help with snow and ice removal or drainage; are all too often overlooked by other commercial landscape designers.  Mathiesen Landscapes will give you the best useable space and aesthetic appeal to accomplish the variety of goals you have as an owner or owner’s agent.  We understand your needs and we always meet them.


As an owner, builder, or manager, time crunches put a lot of stress on your process.  We make it very easy to design with us.  Our software can open your CAD or design plans from your architect, and we can design your landscaping right in conjunction with your plans.  This saves time, money, and eradicates the possibility of discrepancies; in where your proposed structures will be in comparison with our proposed landscaping.  If computer documents are unavailable, we’ll gladly come out and measure your existing conditions and skillfully plan a feasible, functional, landscape while remaining within your budget.



  • 2D computer drafted landscape blueprints
  • 3D landscape renderings to fly you through your landscape
  • Image editing to propose and illustrate your new landscaping on your existing building

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